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    12-13 Certified Rookie Redemptions Thought

    I purchased a certified R2 Redemption for $30 on ebay. It was cheap and If the season got under way I thought I would have a steal. Since the season will be played they will be made. I was assuming that the cards will be part of the freshman fabrics but I noticed on the redmeption that it says 24pt

    My question is does that 24pt mean the size of the redemption itself or the size of the actual redemption that I will be recieving from panini? If its the card from panini it would have to be a regular size card and therefore wont contain any jersey pieces or thickness.
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    My educated guess is the 24 pt means the size of the actual redemption. So those will probably not have fabric. However, wouldn't it be cool if they were hard signed like how the previous years' Freshman Signatures were?

    I assume this because I have a redemption card for Freshman Fabrics card #188 which has 72 pt on the card. The live Freshman Fabrics are indeed 72 pt. Also, I have a redemption card for Freshman signatures card #175 which has 24 pt on the card. As you know, the Freshman Signatures are 24 pt.

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