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Thread: looking for 1/1's

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    looking for 1/1's

    hey peopel i am looking for 1/1s please lmk what you have thanks

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    Have a Mark Teixiera UD Artifacts platinum parallel. True 1/1, interested?

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    Had it up to $63 last summer on Ebay. Do you have a trade list?

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    I have a Randy Johnson Diamond Kings Autos 1/1 150.00 dlvd

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    sneekc do you collect basketball ?
    sense nto looking to buy sorry i wish i could get it but not at this time maybe if you want to trade

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    hey i have a 05 sp legendary cuts barry larkin 2 clr jersey auto platnuim 1of1...lmk

    oh also have no clue what i want for it so if your interested make me an offer...

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