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Thread: Patch help

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    Patch help

    I picked this nice card up for my pc and I think it is a reebok logo, but want to be sure and see what others think. Here is the card

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    looks fake ! you got dupped ! - jokes haha a sweet pc
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    IMHO those are Reebok logos.....not to mention 1of1 makes it pretty certain. Nice card!
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    could be from the red feathers ?
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    99% Reebok logos IMO, odds of it being the feather is slim. If you see a hawks jersey, or a logo, hold it up and try to find a similar part!
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    As others have said its from the Reebok logo. The feathers have a different type of material and feel than most patches.
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    Definitely a RBK logo on both pieces. Insane card!
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    wow thats a beauty! I'll vote rbk logo too
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