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Thread: Please help TTM Database

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    Please help TTM Database

    I just need a little help when we enter successes in the TTM database. I just adjusted multiple success entries that were dated after today. Please should you make a mistake entering your success dates edit the entry to get the correct time in. You know more accurately than me when your items come in. The returns from 2014 and even next SUNDAY were a little comical, but most likely not accurate. Should you be able to predict your returns that well please clue us all in as well what next week lotto numbers will be! Thanks for using the TTM Database period. Remember it is a great free tool, but it is only as good as the information that we place into it!
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    being captain obvious here....isn't there a way to add an edit check that does not allow dates into the future?
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    Quote Originally Posted by adcgjh View Post
    being captain obvious here....isn't there a way to add an edit check that does not allow dates into the future?
    If you make a mistake entering you original data say you meant to put in 8/12/12 as you send date but you enter 8/12/11. After you have submitted it, and you notice you made a mistake, and go back to edit it, it automatically puts in todays or forces you to enter a date as the ttm had been received even though the item has not been received. It dosent give you the option of leaving that receive date blank. Due to that fact that I havent received it i put in a date for the future so the data base is accurate as what I have received. If I put in a date say for this week someone may waste stamps sending to someone that I have not got back from. Havent looked to see if any of the ones I put in were edited back or corrected but that is why I put it in that way. I keep very up to date records of suscess. Its a great site. We could use a few more options for editing or deleting, etc but great work.
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