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Thread: Name Your Team/player!!!!

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    Exclamation Name Your Team/player!!!!

    Ok, so the deal is that i've got tons and tons of base/rc/inserts etc from the 80's to 2005 that i need to get rid of. let me know your team/player and i'll get a list together for ya. i'm including everything i have from these teams except for GU/AUTOS. I'm either selling these or trading for gu/auto/rc(2004 & 2005) so, please let me know who/what you want and i'll get back to you with a total # of cards and if you're really interested we can get into more details about what exactly is in the lot. if i don't get many hits on here in the next couple days they're going to ebay.

    AIM: skinswash

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    I am looking for anything of brett favre and gu/autos of terrence murphy

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    ok, i'll get back to u guys later tonight or tomorrow.... thanks

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    actually.... football 3304 - i'd really like to sell the packers as a whole team lot. i don't want to take out all the favre cuz that is pretty much the main draw to a packers base/insert lot. and i don't have any gu/autos of murphy.

    dillywill- i'll have a total for you in like 20 min or so

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    cubsfan - well, i really want to sell them as a lot(past,current players) cuz honestly i just don't want to sift through all of them and then find out who is still on the roster and who isn't and all that stuff. lmk if u'd be interested in a whole lot or not? thanks

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    would buy but would rather trade for kay jay harris...lmk what u have thx

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