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Thread: looking for 05-06 topps

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    looking for 05-06 topps

    I need all Except for

    lmk thanks

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    If I provided you with many cards would you be able to provide me with one decent card? I have a lot of Topps

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    yeah i should be able to take a look at my site at send me a list thanks

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    120,96.58,37,30,124,123,166,85,79,54,213,25,168,19 8,186,154,159,97,42,219,122,197,85,172,43,135,86,4 4,65,131,188,39,99,92,68,37,111,134,80,141,36,103, 158,149,199,61,120,96,75,91,58,79,83,54,182,169,68 ,99,71,181,163,260,46,63,6,110,212,98,8,10,23,87,1 78,62,109,196,159,198,144,1436,85,66,159,162,202,2 05,32,175,137,52,20,131,70,216,5,38,

    Raymond felton
    Johan Petro
    Linas leixa
    Nate Robinson
    Danny Granger
    francisco garcia
    sean may
    andrew bynum
    gerald green
    david lee

    I probably listed some doubles in those numbers. I have even more but probably the same that I listed already. I would probably just send you all my topps if you wanted.

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    I have a near complete set. Do you have anything not on your site? I have some interest in this.

    05-06 Spx Winning Materials Combos Tracy Mcgrady/Yao Ming

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    HEy I have alot of topps as well I busted like 4 boxes and only put together 3 sets might have almost a whole other one. also if interested I think I have like half a box left from my last show that didnt sell I could sell ya packs at 1.25 a piece. hobby


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