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Thread: IP/TTM Autographs for trade

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    IP/TTM Autographs for trade

    I have these IP/TTM autographs for trade:

    Carlos Baerga 91 Fleer (Blue Sharpie)
    Carlos Baerga 91 Leaf (Blue Sharpie)
    Rafael Montalvo 91 Bowman (Blue sharpie)
    John Rodriguez 02 Topps (Blue sharpie)
    Hector Ortiz 02 Topps (Blue Sharpie)
    Hector Ortiz 01 Victory (Blue Sharpie)
    Hector Ortiz 01 Fleer (Blue Sharpie)
    Carlos Corporan 07 Bowman (Blue sharpie)
    Carlos Corporan 12 Topps (Blue sharpie)
    Jonathan Albaladejo 08 Topps (Blue sharpie)
    Robinson Cancel 08 Topps UH66 (Blue Sharpie)
    Jose Valentin 93 Classic Best (Blue Sharpie)
    Fernado Cabrera 05 Bowman (Blue Sharpie)
    Reynaldo Navarro 07 Bowman (Blue Sharpie)
    Reymond Fuentes 10 Tristar Pursuit (Blue Sharpie)
    Reymond Fuentes 11 Topps debut (Blue Sharpie)
    Christian Colon 11 Topps heritage (Blue Sharpie)
    Henry Ramos 10 Topps debut (Blue Sharpie)
    Henry Ramos 10 Bowman (Blue Sharpie)
    Jonathan Sanchez 09 Topps (Blue Sharpie)
    Jonathan Sanchez 09 UD (Blue Sharpie)

    Don Robinson 89 Topps (Blue sharpie)
    Bruce Benedict 89 Topps (Black sharpie)
    Lerrin LaGrow 78 topps (Blue sharpie)
    Ernie Whitt 89 Topps (Blue Sharpie)
    Ernie Whitt 88 topps (Blue Sharpie)
    Greg Gagne 90 Donruss (Blue Sharpie)

    Please let me know if you need any and what you have for trade.



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