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    EBT Abuse: The Cash-for-Drunkards Program

    From New York to New Mexico and across the dependent plains, welfare recipients are getting sauced on the public dime. Drunk, besotted, bombed. But while politicians pay lip service to cutting government waste, fraud...


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    That is so wrong.
    AIG accepting $180billion, going on lavish retreats and then turning around and suing for another $25billion (presumably for another retreat) from The People (who bailed them out in the first place) for "unfairness" is fine.
    Poor people eating fast food though, that's going to bankrupt America.

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    HSBC was not only laundering money for Iranian terrorist groups but actually told them how to get the money into the US unseen. They actually knowingly helped terrorists move funds into the US.

    But poor people getting drunk is what will destroy you nation. Banks could never xo anything to ruin a nation and/or its economic...hold on...

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    I see AIG has dropped the nonsense of the talk of lawsuit against the US Government. I believe they heard some sabre-rattling amongst their clients of "How dare you".

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    Quote Originally Posted by centrehice View Post
    I see AIG has dropped the nonsense of the talk of lawsuit against the US Government. I believe they heard some sabre-rattling amongst their clients of "How dare you".
    I don't see how they could've won that lawsuit, honestly. They would have had to prove a couple things:

    1. The government forced them to accept the bailout.
    2. That the bailout caused more harm to shareholders than swallowing the losses would have.

    To me, #2 is darn near impossible to prove, and I don't think #1 was the case at all. Ace Greenberg says he has numbers to prove they could've stomached the losses from AIGFP (AIG Financial Partners- which took the bad end of tons of credit default swaps), but from what I read about what AIG was saying at the time, that wasn't the case.

    By the way, Wickabee, the US government actually made a profit off the AIG bailout.
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    I'm glad they did. I'm not against the bailout, I'm against blaming the poor for the nation's ills while the company that had a huge role in creating the hilariously named "economic downturn" is suing the government because the stipulations of the welfare they received was "unfair".

    They were not forced to take the money. They could have chosen to go bankrupt instead, but they took the money knowing the terms. They didn't have a leg to stand on. The fact they've dropped it doesn't mean they had a change of heart. It simply means they know they can't win and they'll find another way to screw the people.

    But hey, if we give them money they'll create jobs and it will be good for everyone. Did all you liberals think they would accept money and then turn around and sue for more? Large companies like this would never even think it. They're here for the people, not the money.

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    business didn't cause this, people did. greedy, dishonest people, which some are poor and some are ultra rich, and some are in between.

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    Oh, the poor took a $182billion welfare check and then tried to sue for more?
    The poor are helping terrorists fund their American branches?

    Businessmen sure are, but are the poor? HSBC heads committed what can only be described as treason but will they face any punishment? No. They have too many employees to be prosecuted. They're above the law.

    But we should have given them tax breaks because they would do what's right for the country with it. Just like they've always done, right?

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    I think no one should have gotten any bailout. The rich steal more than most, but all of them are thieves and liars.

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    Heres the thing. You whine about class warfare when the poor say something about the rich. But when the rich take hundreds of billions in bailout money and then turn around and say the poor are bleeding the nation dry you don't see that as class warfare? I sure as hell do!
    Obviously there's blame to go around, but this is just a kick in the balls to the American people.

    That's not even getting into HSBC ( I know they're European, but they're above the law now because they're good job creators. Employ enough people and commit treason worry free!)

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