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Thread: Grading?

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    Besides Beckett who should I have grade some of my cards. Is PSA expensive.

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    psa is not that bad, then there is also sga or something like that it is the 3rd biggest one
    but stick to beckett its the best

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    I prefer PSA, although they are more expensive. However, Beckett is your best bet, and they grade harder so if you send in a quality card you will get your moneys worth.


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    How often do you guys send something in and get a worse grade then you thought you would. I found some old late 80 and early 90's mjs that have been in a box set never been opened until today. I put them into toploaders. Are those going to get 9.5's???

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    Maybe, probably not. Inspect the cards closely, especially keeping in mind things you might miss like centering, surface, edges. I mean, even the corners can easily become messed up in a sealed pack, it is just the nature of these collectibles.

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    How do you inspect centering?? what should I be looking for.

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