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Thread: Updated Sell List

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    Updated Sell List

    Some of the cards are in my bucket... the rest have photos upon request. :)

    Prices are variable. GU's start at $1, but deals can be made if you buy more than a few.
    Auto's start at $1 as well. Most everything I will sell at 90-95% of the average of the last 3 ebay sold listings (with exceptions).

    Thanks for the look!

    2007 SAGE Platinum Brandon Meriweather (Florida LB) 36/50
    2011 Playoff National Treasures RPA Delone Carter (Indianapolis Colts) 12/49

    2011 Playoff National Treasures Pro Bowl Materials Reggie Wayne (Indianapolis Colts) 05/99

    Short Print
    2011 Playoff National Treasures Century Dallas Clark (Indianapolis Colts) 10/25

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