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  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    still have that tatum bell redemtion auto

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    I like the frank gore auto it books 20
    I have an 02 fleer hot prospects ashley Lelie future swatch RC/1000 bv-20
    LMK thanks

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    i like your palmer rc and miller finest. and i'm not sure if you are trading your ward auto, but i like that too.
    actually, i like everything in your pc. it's a nice collection you have there.

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    crwise-what did you like

    mike ill pass not trading autos for GU thanks

    gretzky thanks your photobucket isnt coming up it sayd its down

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    yeah, yours is down too. i guess they are working on things. oh well, what can you do? i'm sure it will be back up eventually. almost everything on the bucket is on my trade list.

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    ok i like these simms auto, barry sanders score rookie, elway GU and tatum auto

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