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    Hate doing this, selling value help

    I use eBay for values but cannot gauge a price on these two 2010/11 OPC cards

    Sidney Crosby Blank Back
    Tyler Seguin Black Rainbow RC /100

    Appreciate any help.

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    Those are some hard cards to value. I'm not a player-collector, neither have I followed sales of these sets, so I really don't know what price would be considered ok. Also since the lockout has ended the prices could rise, so one have to take that in mind.

    I checked the ebay and there's been one Giroux OPC RC /100 sold for $26 and one Taylor Hall OPC RC /100 BO:ed for $99. Seguin YG-exclusives regurely sells for $150 (though those boxes costs two or three times more than the OPC-boxes), there's also been two BD Ruby's BO:ed for $55 and $300 (though this was numbered 019/100). I'd say a reasonable price for the Seguin would be around $65-90 (if it's not numbered to 019/100) since it's a tougher card to get than the ruby.

    The Crosby is superhard to figure out, it's usually the last card to complete the OPC-rainbow so it has some value for those that tries to find it. Recently on ebay a blank-back Orr sold for $50 and a Lemieux for $30, I'd guess a price of $87.87 would be symbolically fair, since it's Crosby and the season have just started.
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    FWIW, I sold two of my Carey Price Blank Backs for $35 each. I suspect you should be able to get $50 or so for the Crosby.

    The Seguin - that's a tough one - I know he's pretty popular and all. Back in the peak of Subban's popularity I moved some of my stuff of his (money good!) and got $30 for my Black Rainbow /100 IIRC. Might be able to reach or even surpass that for the right buyer.

    Good luck with the sales!
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