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    Need Toplaoders and Soft Sleeves

    i really need them badly anyone have extras they can sell really looking for bulk though!! i would also trade

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    just give me the numbers or offer i need any amount just looking to start collecting certain stuff and not wanting to book them anymore so just lmk thanks

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    I have a couple. where are the cards you that you can trade. I really need any cards of Earl boykins or Nate Robinson or Channing frye. LMK thanks.

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    i probably have a thousand toploaders, how many do you want

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    By soft sleeves you mean the individual card holders sometimes called penny sleeves right?

    If so - how many? I have a few milllion...
    Needs: Brewers Pitcher Mark Rogers '04 pick
    Red Sox - HOF & Current Players
    Current Patriots Cards
    Larry Bird, Carmelo/Lebron/Wade RC's

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    i could do 100 toploaders for $10 ($0.10 each) + $2 for shipping
    ill add in some soft sleeves for free

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    yeah penny sleeves still looking for around 100
    23jordan8kobe really short on cash right now sorry

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