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    Non Sports FS/FT(Sketches, sets, autos, inserts, etc)

    Looking to move these. Prices are negotiable. Prices are dlvd to US only. Shipping more internationally.

    Lot 1 Heroes Relic/Inserts $12 dlvd

    Lot 2 Mars Attacks Green Parallels/Silvers/Lenticulars $27 dlvd

    Lot 3 Avengers Kree Skrull War 94 Comic Cover Inserts $22 dlvd

    Lot 4 Star Wars Inserts/Vader Sketch $17 dlvd

    Lot 5 Auto Lot $12 dlvd

    Lot 6 Smallville Relics/Inserts $12 dlvd

    Lot 7 Marvel Inserts/Parallels $23 dlvd

    Lot 8 Dexter S1, S4 Sets, 7 relics, S4 inserts, S4 promos $45

    Lot 9 Mars Attack Heritage Base Set, Green Parallel Set, Lenticular 3d Set $40

    Lot 10 X-Men Set Lot 94, 95 X-Men Fleer Ultra Set, 97 Xmen Timelines $35

    Lot 11 Marvel Set Lot Marvel Beginnings 1, 2 Marvel Masterpieces 1, 2, 3(current)(all missing the Hulk, Red Hulk base cards) $40

    Images coming soon for the last 4 lots and more coming soon.


    Matias Streib, Wendy Chew(she did 60 for the set both are her)
    Elfie Lebouleux, Kate Bradley(she did 25 for the set), Jason Metcalf

    Sean Moore (51 to 150)

    John Watkins Chow(limited to 149), Harvey Richards (limited to 225), Brian Kong(limited to 250)

    Buddy Prince, Justin Vandemark(Limited to 200), Michael Sellers (limited to 200)

    Jason Keith Phillips, Dennis Pacheo (limited to 200), Aaron Houston(limited to 200)

    Top Will Nichols(animator sketch card hard pull), Robert Teranishi, A Kirk (animator sketch card hard pull)

    Jonathan Gordon(limited to 200), Stephanie Yue

    Art Grafunkel (limited to 100)

    Adrian Rivera

    Nathan Watson(limited to 200), Harvey Richards( limited to 225)

    Tone Rodriguez(limited to 250), Mike Fiorentino (limited to 200)

    Anthony Wheeler(limited to 220), Dan Schoening, Mark Morales

    Dan Quiles(limited to 150), Mike Miller(limited to 750, Michael "Locoduck" Duron

    Alex Magno, Mauro Fodra, ??????

    Jim Kyle(SP to 31), Glendenning(NFS/NFT), Melike Acar(last two, COME EXTREMELY STRONG IN TRADE OR BUY)

    Matias Streib, Lawrence Reynolds(limited to 96), Tom Hodges

    Danielle Gransaull, Doug Cowan(last two)

    Lak Lim(extremely hard to find), Ken Steacy(limited to 250), Jon Hughes(limited to 85)

    Travis Walton, Cruddie Torian(last two)

    Rhiannon Owens, Roy Cover(limited to 79), Adam DeKraker

    Ryan Kincaid(limited to 87), Michael Jason Paz(limited to 60), Jim Kyle (limited to 200)

    Roy Cover Puzzle Sketch(limited to 79 total sketches)

    Offer on sketches and more soon to be posted!

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    Interested in that Wheeler Spidey sketch card - PM coming with hockey to trade
    LF this ITG Decades 1980's Autograph: AMM2 - Mark Messier CAN SP. Also need many Emblems and Numbers from ITG Decades 1980's and may need Quads, Golds or other low print runs from that set.
    PC includes Sakic, Vaive, Salming, Lafleur, Shutt and anyone named Stastny except Yan. Starting a new, limited GETZLAF PC - looking for hard-signed autos of Getzlaf and any memorabilia with print run 100 or less.

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