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Thread: Higher end cards for trade

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    Higher end cards for trade

    Scan are in my sig with plenty more cards.

    plante ultimate emblem attic /4
    stamkos YG
    spezza SPA FW rc /999
    modano cup foundations quad patch /10
    kaleta prime NHL premiere patch /3
    kovalchuk superlative autothreads /9
    hull cup foundation quad jersey/auto /10
    kesler cup limited logo /50
    miller/myers/vanek spgu patch /15
    seguin H+P complete jersey /9
    tucker forever rivals auto/jersey /10
    ryan cup ARP /249
    mcbain cup property of stick 1/1
    kovalchuk cup foundations quad patch /10
    kadri silhouette rc /99
    gaborik prime genuine letter 6/7
    lemieux/gretzky/mylnikov/larionov CvsW quad
    gretzky/robitaille/robinson cup jersey /15
    orr parkhurst auto
    neely/selanne/ovechkin/doughty/mueller/kane/burmistrov/lindros dominion book /25
    roy BTP cross country tour 1/1
    higgins big playmakers quad patch /10
    salming superlative jersey 1/1
    colborne cup ARP /249
    graves/hall dominion peerless patch /25 book
    hasek superlative jersey 1/1
    ovechkin spgu rc
    messier/yzerman/robinson/bossy CvsW quad /10
    shanahan/kolzig ultimate stick/jersey 1/1
    kassian H+P complete jersey 1/1
    gerbe dominion laundry tag 1/1
    leetch ultimate superbox dual patch/auto 1/1
    ovechkin/thornton/modano/kovalchuk/sundin/lemieux superlative jersey /9
    kane superlative auto/number /9
    fleury BTP auto/stick /6
    kessel cup gold ARP /91
    stamkos o canada emblem /20
    dubinsky artifacts tag/patch /2
    stamkos H+P number /3
    reilly H+P draft class jersey /10
    seguin H+P number /6
    j.staal cup plate rc 1/1
    vanek SPA FW auto/patch /100
    tretiak itg auto/jersey /10
    rattie H+P complete letter 1/1
    raycroft ultimate jersey 1/1
    kane H+P dual patch /9
    kesler/luongo ultimate auto /9
    kane H+P jumbo patch /6
    kovalchuk/lehtonen spgu auto/patch /15
    hasek ultimate emblem /9
    vanek/myers/miller cup trios patch /10
    theodore ultimate jumbo pad 1/1
    lapointe/robinson ultimate jersey 1/1
    bodie spgu rc 1/1
    bitz spgu rc 1/1
    sanguinetti spgu rc 1/1
    roussel H+P auto/number 1/1

    Plenty more traders in my sig as well.
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    Hello, interested in this one for my Duchene PC.

    Please check my bucket and let me know if we can work out a trade. Thanks for checking and nice collection.
    Looking to trade for Paul Stastny, Matt Duchene & HOFer Autos.
    Total Paul Stastny Cards: 165/720

    My Bucket:
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    Is the kesler limited logos is available if so could I get a pic? Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeremyS742 View Post
    Is the kesler limited logos is available if so could I get a pic? Thanks.

    Kesler is gone now. Sorry
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