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Thread: Kaepernick Autos for sale

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    Kaepernick Autos for sale

    Looking to sell these cards. Would be willing to trade for somethin I want but only looking for Exquisite Kaepernick or somethin rare like an SP Authentic Future Watch auto. Also want Randy Moss rare autos. Any questions about the cards please ask before you buy so there is no confusion.

    Topps Supreme 7/15 Jersey number! $300 dlvd

    Limited Phenoms Auto Patch 10/10 Kaepernick's College Jersey! $600 dlvd

    SP Authentic Sign of the Times 4/10 Best auto Ive seen of any of the SOTT cards. $290 dlvd

    Timeless Treasures 5/10 $210 dlvd

    Topps Inception Green 50/50 $200 dlvd

    Bowman Sterling 21/50 $300 dlvd

    Anyone interested?

    Here's a few other ones I want to sell

    Crabtree 2009 Elite Gold Status 23/24 BGS 9 with 10 Auto $90 dlvd

    Crabtree 2009 Topps Red Ink supposedly /10 $50 dlvd

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    that inception is the baddest looking card I've seen in a long time.

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    Im pretty pissed I only got $175 for this card (the 1st pic) 2 days ago because there is another one right now(2nd pic) with 4 hours left that looks like absolute ™™™™ that is already over $200!

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