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    Need Heellppp!!! Pleeaaseeeeeeee!!!!

    i just busted a box of 2004 sp authentic and got a miguel cabrera this card is different b/c its hand numbered to 20 ...and then i noticed it had a buy back card attached to it....but it says this "in this pack u have recieved a trading card personally autogrpahed by miguel cabrera. this card originally released in a previous UD product was autoraphed by miguel cabrera and sent to UD to be re-released into 2004 SPA baseball"

    i checked beckett for this card and they do have 4 variations of buy backs all numbered to 20,but the wrong card card is numbered #35

    any and all help please!!!!

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    is that the card in the SPA buyback set or the original card set

    the Beckett doesnt list the card by the card number of the original set i believe

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    i dont know wat it is...but wat i get is from wat the buy back says...this card wasnt realeased wen it was supposed too,so they got it auto'd and slapped a hologram on it...i think this card is from his rookie year...there is only 1 line of stats

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    that card is 2004 Diamond Collection All-Stars buy-back listed as DAS on Beckett #MC2

    Buybacks are cards originally released in the set (in this case Diamond All-Stars) that the compnay bought off the secondary market (say eBay) had it auto'd and packaged them into SPA...buybacks have been around for a couple years and from my expierience have never been too popular

    if you are looking to move it please check my site

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