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    anyone looking for baseball prospects

    check my trade list and lmk

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Andrew McCutchen 05 Bowman Sterling Auto/Jersey Refractor 77/199 (Pirates Prospect)

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    I'm interested in the McCutchen also and this:
    Hayden Penn SpX 12/185 auto

    Check my site or give me a price if you are willing to sell. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by WarrenLee
    check my trade list and lmk
    look at my site for these please

    Stephen Drew 05 Ultimate Signature Prospects 100/125

    eff Niemann 05 Bowman Sterling Auto/Jersey (Devil Rays Prospect)

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    flyshyts - didnt see anything

    sob - didnt see anything either...but i am willing to sell...just make me an offer

    plante23 - couldnt access your site

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