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Thread: collector/fan question

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    collector/fan question

    What means more to you if a player gets injured?

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    I don't care all that much about the value of cards since they aren't worth much anyway. But if say Alex Rodriguex goes down with some injury, I think the Rangers don't have a 5 game winning streak. Unless they move Young to short part time they don't really have a replacement for him and the team would suffer because of it.

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    To me, if a player is injured, the first thought I have is about the card value.

    Look, players today are paid more money than they can count.

    Most everyone works in life (as factory workers, construction, doctors, janitors, etc etc).... we all get injured here and there. Sure, we may not suffer career ending injuries, like what happened to Lions Mike Utley.

    But, when an athlete is injured, no matter how seriously, he/she is given the very best medical treatment available.

    Most folks in the general public have to scratch and claw to get insurance companies to pay for their injuries.

    So, as far as an injured athlete is concerned, I could farking care less -- b/c he will be taken care of by the best doctors there are in the world.

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    With the main focal point of my collecting; vintage, mattingly and bossy stuff it doesn't affect me as they are all retired. With the newer stuff, an injury would cause me think about the value of the cards.

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    I can honestly say back in the Early 90's it was all about the money , and man could someone make alot . But as the card industry slowed down i stopped collecting for 10years and just this year started collecting again , and i am just collecting players that i would like to see in my collection.

    It is more fun that way .(just my opinion)

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    its actually both for me..if i like the team, then i care bout the team, if i dont like the team, i care bout the cards

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