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    Buy Single or Buy Exquisite / NT

    I haven't been to this site in a while as I had the birth of my first daughter in June and things 7 months later are finally slowing down back to normal.

    It's good to be back, more mature and more organized.

    I filed my tax returns and am getting back $5600 which for me is an awful lot of money, most money I think I've ever had at one time.

    I want to get something high end for my collection. Looking to spend about $600. I love the thrill of opening but it would also be nice to have a Jordan auto. If it were your money, would you buy a high end product and hope to hit big or would you buy a Jordan auto?

    Second question, if buying is your answer, what kind of Jordan auto could $600 get you?

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    Buy single(s) and you can get at least one high end auto of MJ. make sure you do your homework from who ever you buy the auto from.

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    I would never buy a Jordan high end card all the auctions are schilled.

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    Check seller feedback and find the Jordan you want. I sold a very nice high end Jordan and it went for less than what I thought it would get but I would never shill bid it. You can checking bids on items anyway and if it looks strange stay away from the seller.
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