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Thread: Gomes SPx Auto/Jsy $35 Paypal

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    Gomes SPx Auto/Jsy $35 Paypal

    It is still incoming, should be here soon. It sells for $50 on ebay, will sell for $35 right now. Send me a pm if interested.

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    Awesome card!!
    Wow, his stock is rising!! When that product first came out, I got that card for $13 DLVD!!! Thats sick man!

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    I think 35 dollars is a bit pricey. Could you go any lower? I myself got one for 12 dlvd a few days ago.

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    I really need some about $30 dlvd? Check the ebay ended listings. In the last week on ebay the range has been about $25-$54.

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    Ok, so which one of you is going to send me the paypal? If your not interested, please go teach somebody else how to sell.

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