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Thread: Larry Johnson Charles Rogers

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    Larry Johnson Charles Rogers

    looking for rc's of both players...lmk wat u got

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    I got the Topps and Topps First Edition of Larry Johnson, and the Topps of Charles Rogers, and Press Pass Big Numbers Rogers.

    If Interested I am looking for Todd Bouman cards and 2003 VIKINGS ROOKIE CARDS.

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    im interested in all except the presspass lmk who and or what u are lookin for and wat the cards bv at

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    I have two Rogers one a Score rookie the other a PressPassBig Numbers insert. LMK Ray
    You can also check my site you have some great cards.

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    hi! :)

    I have the following:

    2003 Upper Deck MVP
    #352 Larry Johnson RC (3 of them)
    #372 Charles Rogers (3 of them)
    Talk of the town insert #TT-86 Charles Rogers (2 of them).

    $5.00 for each card is my asking price. Please let me know if you are interested.


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    i am interested in new vikings rookies from 2002 and 2003, and TODD BOUMAN cards, oh yea, i forgot i got 3 from Topps Draft Picks and Prospects if you are interested in those too.

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    the cards value at

    2003 Press Pass Big Numbers Rogers:$3.50
    2003 Topps on the 2, arent in Beckett yet, nor the first edition
    2003 topps draft picks johnson $5

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    scrwball-thanx for the compliment but i cant really use those

    hemi cant help u then if ure lookin for vikings sry

    sdf- correct im not interested in press pass but the topps i may want take a look at my site

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    ok then, i will find sometin, i dont need vikings i will look on ur site

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