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Thread: Alex Gordon Cut-Out

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    Lightbulb Alex Gordon Cut-Out

    I just pulled it!!! Last night went to wal-mart, got two $10 boxes, nothing, they had 10 boxes left. Went back tonight, they only had two boxes left. Bought em both, last pack of first box had card #7 Mantle, last pack of last box had the Gordon Cut-Out!! I'm so psyched it isn't even funny. Unlike some on the bay, this one barely has any markings on it. The only way it isn't him is if they cut more out. Pic BTW, it's for sale/trade ;)

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    I don't really collect baseball, so I guess I don't get it. Why is this card so good?

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    Thats the first I've seen that hasn't had the Royals team name and part of the bottom showing.

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    same here but it seems that the cuts vary on the cut outs as well ive seen one were most of the card remains but the top right part of him is cut out

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