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Thread: New from Kentucky

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    New from Kentucky

    I figured id say hi since im pretty new here. I was a collector in the 90's and have just recently picked the hobby back up. I pc dallas cowboys and I welcome everyone to take a look through my buckett if they have any nice cowboy cards ft. Feel free to drop me a line sometime especially if there is anyone in the eastern kentucky area still collecting.

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    Welcome back to the hobby and to the site. BOL with your collection.


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    Glad to see another fellow Ky collector on board. Most of the shows in my are from lexington on over (ville and bowling green). You might want to check out thehuntington show if it a doable distance one day when u find time. Any questions just ask.
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    Welcome to SCF ..I am sure your Cowboy's collection will grow with the help of our fellow trader's
    Enjoy the site and have fun
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    Hello and welcome to SCF!!
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    Welcome to the site and back into the hobby.

    Happy trading!

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    Hey, Welcome to SCF. Thanks for Joining!

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