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    Anyone else having NHL Game Center problems?

    I live in Mass and im trying to watch the Pens vs Leafs game. Now I dont have cable so I paid $50 to watch live games online. So far this is the 3rd game blacked out online because its on local TV. Since when is Toronto or Pit televised in Boston? Theres 48 games this season and I already missed 3. Im beyond aggravated now.

    Then I try and go to some sites that stream live games and they freeze up and lag the entire time. Why is it so hard to watch hockey?

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    What is NHL GameCenter LIVE™?
    NHL GameCenter LIVE™ is a subscription service offering streaming video of live out-of-market games, on-demand replays and more across multiple devices. For a single price, you can watch games on your personal computer, on smartphones, on tablets and on a variety of Internet-connected devices.

    To see what teams do not qualify as "out-of-market" in your local viewing area and are, therefore, unavailable to watch live with NHL GameCenter LIVE™, please check your zip code.
    Boston zip code (chose the city hall: 02201-1020)

    Gave me this:
    Boston Bruins NESN

    I also saw this:

    Games broadcast on local and national television in your area are subject to blackouts in NHL GameCenter LIVETM. Generally, if a game is available for you to view on television in your local viewing area, then it will not be available to watch live in NHL GameCenter LIVETM. Regardless, after 48 hours the full length game replays will be available in the game archive.

    Nationally televised games on CBC, NBC, NBC Sports Network, NHL Network, RDS and TSN are also subject to blackouts in NHL GameCenter LIVETM as well. In the United States and Canada all playoff games will be nationally televised.

    NHL game centre will black out all Boston Bruins games for you and anything televised on CBC and NBC, etc. etc.

    I don't know about the USA, but I was able to watch live Canadian games through cbc last year at

    Good luck & cheers,

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    Thanks. Its just annoying that they take my $50 but choose what games I can watch. I looked at the sched and the next 20 games the Pens have 18 of them are on NBC/TSN/CBC/NHLN.... Meaning I cant watch them... REFUND

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    I don't have a subscription and I've been getting it. Figured it was to get fans watching again.

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    You paid $50.00 to watch games online when there is Wiziwig? Why?

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    I paid the $50 for the guarentee I can watch the games. Sometimes on sites like P2p and wiz the streams are bad or they go out a lot. I dont have Cable (overpriced and I dont watch TV) I dont spend a ton on anything else so the Game Center is the one thing I buy cause I love coming home from work and watching 3-4 games a night. This Blackout and other BS is just that. When you pay for something BO restrictions shouldnt apply. Also niether team is within 300 miles of here lol

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    The thing that I've been experiencing with GCL is the buffering affecting my live broadcast. I watch the games through my Xbox 360 and the little hiccups that set the game back by 8 seconds or the lockups are annoying. I'm on a broadband cable connection so there's really no reason for this to be happening.
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    the thing that really bothers me is that they choose which games i get to watch in HD. All NHL games are broadcasted in HD quality capabilities. Every game should be broadcasted in HD. Instead their choice is never the game i want to watch the most.
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    I finally called them today and they are saying its my browser. Every single game since the start of the season has been blacked out for me. I just got a refund and called it a day. Ill just listen to the games on Pens radio

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