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Thread: Cards and Toploaders

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    Cards and Toploaders

    Anyone know of a list that tells you how think some cards are, the pt? This would be for game used cards. I just got some toploaders for thick cards up to 55pt but I still have some cards that don't fit.

    I have a card from 2005-06 SP Authentic Basketball that I have in a screw down right now without a penny sleeve. I would like to fix that as soon as I can. It's by far the thickest card I have. I found a site with toploaders for 75 pt and 130 pt cards. Anyone have an idea which size I need for this card?

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    I would imagine 75 pt should take care of it, the 130 pts are typically for the extra thick patch cards.

    Example of a 130 pt type patch:

    Can't see the thickness of the card but maybe if you have seen similar designed cards to that it would make sense. Hope I helped ya out.

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    125 for the preatty thick ones 75 for normal thickness for gu

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