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    Topps redemption replacement mailday

    I find it interesting that Topps has rare cards just sitting in the warehouse....sometimes for years:


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    Some 2012 Finest Jumbo Mat Autos: GSP, Aldo, Vitor I believe.

    Not very happy with the replacements but you win some / you lose some

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    You lose every time with replacements from Topps AND UD. Just sayin. Oh and Tristar. They really stink.

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    I'm really happy with my replaces way more often than I'm disappointed

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    u have a price on each one of them in mind?

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    I really don't know on prices,

    I've seen the Wanderlei sell for $20-50, seen the bisping sell for $100-200, seen the Diaz sell for $100-150. I say I would ask $200 for everything.

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