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Thread: Pumping Up the Liberalism

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    Pumping Up the Liberalism

    So now the president is a committed man of the left. No longer is he faking moderation or even trying to bring the nation "together." Nope. As he made clear in his inauguration speech, Barack Obama is dedicating himself...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Billo the clown
    So now the president is a committed man of the left

    Billy if you actually knew what the "left" really is, you would see that Obama is NO WHERE near that.

    Billo and the rest of the faux news clowns are so far to the right they can't even see the center!

    Quote Originally Posted by Bill "WE'LL DO IT LIVE" O'Reilly
    But you would not know that by listening to the president's address. He was decidedly upbeat when telling the nation that more needs to be done (code for spending) to ensure "equality."

    lol, dare Obama say that more needs to be done!

    How dare he seek more equality for Americans!

    Doesn't he know that the only people that matter are the wealthy, the corporations, and donors?

    Quote Originally Posted by Faux News HACK
    That's the big leftwing word these days: "equality."

    Yup, you heard it here folks....the leftwing is for equality, the rightwing is for anything but!

    Quote Originally Posted by A sad individual
    But can we be real here for a moment? Does anyone, even those of you living in San Francisco, believe that an American who earns a Ph.D. in economics is going to be equal to the high school dropout in the marketplace? Anyone? Bueller?


    Too stupid for me to take seriously.

    Quote Originally Posted by A child
    The strong and smart prosper; the weak and lazy fail.

    That's RIGHT!

    Only the smart and strong prosper!

    All those people who work to the bone getting minimum wage, working double shifts but can only get by on a paycheck to paycheck basis....they are obviously LAZY and WEAK!

    All of those immigrants (illegal or legal) who came and had no choice but be exploited by the powerful and work sometimes DOUBLE what a regular person works and only to receive scraps.....they too are LAZY and WEAK!

    All those people who got chewed up by the system or who tried their best but it wasn't enough....they are all the FAILURES of society!


    Bill O'Reilly is a disgusting human being who loves to look down at everyone he considers inferior (which in his book is the majority of people)....his propaganda style "commentary" is laughable at best and very dangerous at worst, I pity the people who have no choice but interact with him (either directly or indirectly) on a daily basis.
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    Bill used to be fairly level headed, but lately he's lost his mind.

    I smell a Republican Presidential nomination for Billy!

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    O'Reilly would lose at the same level as Bachmann, he'd lose his election deposit. Both would lose by 30% more than Palin, who would lose 80-20.

    He's a Richard Noggin of the highest order.

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