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Thread: WWE Champions Randy Orton

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    WWE Champions Randy Orton

    Alright so I've always been a wrestling fan, just never really decided to collect its trading cards till just recently and make a PC of my favorite wrestlers. So that led me to buying two boxes of 2011 WWE Champions the other night on blowout for under 20 bucks each. Anyways, I was completely aware of the fact that autos weren't guaranteed till after I bought the boxes. So I got the boxes today and popped them open and just receieved the same normal cards and foil cards till I got half way through my second box and pulled this Randy Orton auto:

    Orton isn't someone I wanted to collect in my wrestling PC, so I was wondering if anyone wanted to buy it off of me, if I don't get an offer here I'll most likely take it to eBay. Not sure how much I'm looking for and with not that much experience with wrestling cards I'm pretty much just fielding offers at this point in time.

    I could be interested in trading, if I see the right card of course. Main PC guys are Jericho, Ken Kennedy/Anderson, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, CM Punk, and a few others.

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    Looking to trade, check out my thread and see if there's anything you like. " wrestling for trade "

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    wwefan and bootan didn't really see anything I wanted to trade for it in your buckets, sorry.

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    Lol it's always funny how people want to trade, BUT they never find anything in your buckets they want, and you think you have a great collection/bucket:-). It's not just this thread but 90% if them.

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