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Thread: Ice rookie patch card question

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    Ice rookie patch card question

    So I found a guy who has the ice.rookie patch autograph /10 and was shocked when he asked for $225 for it. Im not saying its too much or too little I have no clue which is why in asking.

    The reason I was so shocked is because.I picked up the ice fresh threads auto 5/5 for $13 dlvd a few weeks go so to find out a card almost identical but with more copies is so much more expensive expensive got me scratching my head. Can anyone explain why they are so much more and if this price range is correct.for a low end player such as galiardj

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    The Ice Premieres Patches are some of the hardest rookie parallels to find, and they are, in a word, exquisite. Took me three years to find a Gorges for my PC and I jumped all over it at the price offered, which is more than what I paid for his Cup Black 1/1 and Cup Gold /6. Not all SSP'd cards are created equally, and this is a prime example of that.
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    Well the ice rookie patch autos are one of the most highly popular subsets ever. Many people collect the set. Where as the card you got is a player collector type card. That is my explanation on it. Hope you get it!

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    There are 2 collectors in Que. I believe both are members on here and other boards, But between 2 of them they have from 2005-2011 something disgusting like 60% of all Ice Premiere Auto Patches /10. Another Reason on top of the others as to why prices are so high on them regardless of player. At one point I had 2 T.J. Galiardi's Premiere Ice Patch Autos /10 and sold both to one of those guys for a lot more than I thought I'd get.
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    Like all others have said, they are the rarest form of a parallel rookie card to find, and probably the nicest looking ones at that. People have seen only 1 copy of their PC player for 3+ years. It's the biggest and most common white whale of PC players, are hard to come by, and are widely collected. The worst of the worst sell for ~$200. It's one of those cards you have to buck up for if you want it, like a shield.

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    Awesome, thanks for clarifying guys! I never knew how epensive they were looks like itll be a card ill be saving up for :P i had Galiardis 1/1 prime ties offered to me for less which is why i was shocked but with it being so highly sought after and being a rc auto patch makes complete sense.

    Thanks again everyone

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