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Thread: Card show pickups!

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    Card show pickups!

    Got a 2003 Topps Retired signature (uncirculated auto)
    Fergie Jenkins ...paid $10
    Pack of 2005 trilogy paid $25 got a Ron Santo auto /199
    Box of Donruss Diamond kings for $39 (which yeilded NOTING BUT CRAP!)
    But ohh well.

    I had fun thats what counts!

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    What exactly did you pull from the Diamond Kings box?

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    I got...
    Joe Crede dual bat 03/25
    Rafael Palmeiro jrsy/bat 25/50 (blue framed)
    Bobby Crosby blue framed /100
    Red Frames...
    Edgar Martinez
    Paul Lo Duca
    Ryan Wagner
    Larry Walker

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