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Thread: nice auto here

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    nice auto here

    just pulled a upper deck foundations duel auto julius jones/dominek davis/15 if anyone is interested, looking for a nice current steeler auto or steeler great auto, also looking for a nice barry sanders auto, let me know what you have, will look at lists

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    noone interested and also wondering what price you would put on it if you were me?

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    I would put a bv of 80 or so one went on the bay for a buy it now of 44.99

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    a dual auto /15 went for $45 on ebay? i was thinking it would be a little higher than 80

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    check the completed listings the exact same card went for 45 (buy it now)unforunately its low because its foundations if it was a better brand it would be higher also the seller could have probably gotten more if it was an normal auction. If I was you I would put a price tag of around 60 on it just my opinion though good luck selling it

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