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Thread: TTM Rookie, have a question

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    TTM Rookie, have a question

    Hey SCF, I'm new here. Looking to get into some TTM. I did it a little when I was younger, and I've been reading up on the forums, so I know a bit about how it works. But I have a question...

    I see Will Clark has a very high success rate and seems to be a good signer TTM. I would like to send a jersey to him to get signed. I've also been reading the forums about Spring Training. Being that its the end of January, would I have better success sending it to the AT&T Park address? Or the Giants' Spring Training address?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Hey welcome!

    Personally, I think you'd be best waiting a couple of weeks till others start sending their ST requests, then send to the ST address. Just my opinion, though.

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