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    BV Question

    Hey guys, have a few BBall cards & was wondering the BV?

    03 Tim Duncan MVP /100
    03 MVP Carmelo Anthony
    03 UD City Heights Lebron James
    03 UD Mentors & Learners James/Bryant
    03 MVP Lebron James

    Thx, cards are for sale 2

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    03 Tim Duncan MVP /100 BV:$20
    03 MVP Carmelo Anthony BV:$6
    03 UD City Heights Lebron James BV:$15
    03 UD Mentors & Learners James/Bryant BV:$ <--Cannot Find
    03 MVP Lebron James :BV$ 15

    hopefully this helps =)
    Collecting All Current Oakland raiders Primarily Carr, Mack, Cooper, Crabtree, Also any Legend or HOF raider players as well.
    Just getting back into the Hobby so not much tradebait right now, PC has become available if anyone is interested.
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    Please NOTE: Photobucket is not updated, Only PC cards are accurate anything else has been traded or sold thanks

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