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    Score Bobby Orr Auto add...fake?

    I ran across this add on kijiji. Person is advertising these Score Bobby Orr's as pulled from pack but not numbered....says they had no yet decided on the numbers....scam?

    I have one of these cards, I bought it as part of a larger collection it's also signed at the front but not at the back...always assumed it was a fake.

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    The autos look to be just like Orr's, but when I read that scanned paper he cut in two, I saw:

    "contrary to the autographed cards that were inserted into packs and that were signed on the card backs, these sigs (sic) are on the front.."

    To me that means that these guys were not inserted into packs as autos. If you check out the "classic auctions" that this guy mentions, you can see this listing:
    For 6 autos. Same wording as the scanned paper.

    I don't see anything that says definitively that these were the numbered autographed pack pulled Orr autos based on classic auction's definition. Someone who actually collected during that time could provide more advice.

    IMO, treat these as you would any TTM or IPA. Also, that set of 6 autos sold for 550 at classic.

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    They were signed after being pulled from packs. They look real but were not done through Score. Should be worth the same as any other in person Orr signed card.

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