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    Interested in Rare Inception Cards

    Can be from 2011 or 2012. Looking for /25 or lower cards I don't have yet.

    The two biggest needs for me are the Luck and Weeden Patch Autos, but I will entertain anything else (1/1s, SIlver and Gold Sigs, Jumbo Patches).

    LMK what you have.

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    Hey Tom I have the Blackmon, Richardson Gold 2 color patch auto's /25
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    I trade by SV,PV (Common sense) only. Im only looking for PC needs.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ahhmygooch View Post

    Interested in this? Might be a little too much.
    Drool-worthy my friend. Shame I didn't see this yesterday...I could have repurposed some funds I used to pay down my law school loans, but I suppose the window to make that irresponsible decision has closed. I'll take a value just out of curiosity if you are willing to give one. Never hurts to know what I would need to make it happen.

    Inter - I would definitely be interested in those two. Let me know what your thoughts are.

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    Well he's looking for $1800 or a reasonable best offer.

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