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    Maple Leaf's: These Kids Can Play

    Kadri and Frattin have looked really good to start this year and it's about time the Leaf's go with a youth movement. It's only a matter of time before Gardiner gets called up too and hopefully they ride Reimer and Scrivens in the net. Nonis seems to know what he is doing and is already more realistic than Burke ever was. He got rid of Lombardi and shipped down Connolly b/c they have no balls to play in the NHL. The only problem I see is how they are treating Franson. He needs to play and is better than the likes of Komisarek, Frasor and even on some nights Gunnarsson.

    I am excited to be a Leaf's fan for the first time in a few years and making the playoffs isn't a must for me in the next couple of years. Just continue to grow and get better and have a set system to build team chemistry with. GO LEAF'S GO!

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    They made the pens look like an AHL team. Well so did the Isles last night but that shows that these younger guys are making an impact on both teams.

    I like to see "bad" teams do well!
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    You need to build through the draft. The main problem the Leaf's have had this year is maintaining their consistency. In two of their losses they held two goal leads early in the game and then lost it which is typical of a younger team and the Leaf's have one of the youngest teams in the league.

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    And Kadri continues to impress with his first career hat trick. He is starting to gain more and more confidence with the puck and I can count the number of times he's turned over the puck on one hand. This guy is playing with the confidence he had in junior and I would not be surprised if he ended this year at a point per game clip.

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    Burke wanted to get rid of Kadri. You Leaf Fans must now be glad that Burke is gone. He's back in Anaheim and will fill the team with Devils players over 40 when they come of age.

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    I think we have to wait until playoff time to see if "these kids can play" haha. Kadri is definitely making some very nice plays which are directly leading to goals.
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    They are at the very least being given a chance. A hungry kid is ambitious as any hungry adult. Confidence is everything in this situation, and Carlyle seems to be getting the best out of them thus far.

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    And Kadri scores again. It's just sad that his success isn't making any impact whatsoever in his card values! Sorry to sound greedy, but it's sort of ridiculous that I can't move the cards I have of his and I get lowballed with offers if I get them. SNORE!

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    yep, keep your kadri cards, they gonna be worth something soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by sko789 View Post
    yep, keep your kadri cards, they gonna be worth something soon
    They are worth something now while he is hot! Lots of action on my Kadri cards on ebay right now! 5 days left with 3 more games for him to produce some more magic. Glad that I will likely get out what I put in since I bought them early with the hype. Then there was the decline in value stage where his cards were going for half the hype price. Now they are climbing back up.

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