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Thread: New acquisition up for trade

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    New acquisition up for trade

    Earlier today, I went into a CVS Pharmacy, killing time before catching a bus home from a shopping run. They had 8 packs of 2004-05 Fleer Tradition NBA left, at a discount, so I bought them all. I was fortunate enough, opening the last pack, to pull a Hardcourt Tribute Paul Pierce GU jersey card.

    I want to trade the Pierce for some 2006 Topps baseball. LMK if interested.

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    just base topps? if so i have some topps baseball bought a few packs

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    Cool. I just need a "starter set", if you will. Haven't bought any packs yet, and the CVS I went to didn't have the '06's. They had 2005 series 2 & 3.

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    Yes. I'm going to start buying packs next weekend, as I'm a little behind the curve, as is the case every year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theanswer3
    well i could only find 11 that aren't ones i'm keeping
    Good enough for me. PM me and we'll finalize the trade.

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