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Thread: wttf/wtb 2004 upper deck

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    wttf/wtb 2004 upper deck

    ok so here is what i need from 2004 upper deck base:

    first pitch:
    SP7(lebron james), SP9(bob eucker), SP11(tommy franks), SP12(ben affleck), SP13(halle berry), SP14(george h w bush)

    matsui chronicles:
    hm5, hm11, hm19, hm32, hm41, hm51, hm60

    national pride inserts:
    usa2, usa6, usa9, usa20

    twenty five salute:

    again the cards listed above are the ones i need. i will either buy these (cardcash or money) or will trade with something from my site in my sig. thanks
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    I have these:
    04 UD

    first pitch
    SP15(george w bush)

    I do like this card from your site:
    2003 Playoff Prestige Diamond Heritage Greg Maddux DH-13 BV6

    Do you have any in my signature? Let me know.----walter

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    i dont have any in your signature but i would be willing to do that trade. lmk

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    Can you add this one as well:
    2003 Topps Total Total Topps Vlad Guerrero TT44 BV2

    If yes, post the trade and let me know.---walter

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    The Bush card goes for $5. Let me know.----walter

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    ok i can do that..just pm me your info and post the trade ..thanks

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    I have these, will trade for any Jeter cards or sell.

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    all the ones u listed are currently pending trades on other sites...i will let u know if they fall through..

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