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    GAI - They're a respected grading compnay..right?

    Ok...I know that PSA and BGS are the most respected, but wrt the card I'm seeking (89 Score Aikman) their Gem gradings are getting too far above my price range. So...I just bought one graded GAI 9.5. According to Beckett, GAI's 9.5 is equal to their own 9.5 and PSA-10.
    Do you all agree with this?
    Thanks for your inputs....

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    if that what the beckett says then yes i would agree with that

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    Quote Originally Posted by devilsrok13
    I think GAI has taken over PSA for the #2 spot
    Interesting tidbit Thanks. That's Nice to know.

    But #2 In regards to what?
    Modern, Packs, realized prices, volume, vintage, or everything?
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    Quote Originally Posted by devilsrok13
    I think GAI has taken over PSA for the #2 spot
    I would disagree with you wholeheartedly. GAI, while it does have it's merits, is nowhere near the #2 grading company. They are #1 in pack grading by virtue of having no competition. They also have one of the best wax pack authenticators by using the guys from waxfromthepast. Mike Baker is the most well known, and perhaps the most respected grader in the industry and he works for GAI. However, the market has not responded to GAI in the same way they support and laud the services of PSA, or even SGC for that matter.

    In regards to vintage, PSA is king. Hands down, there is no debating that. In Pre-War you could argue that SGC is just as dominating as PSA is and it's tough to argue that. In modern, BGS has the market pretty well dominated, however they have flaws that I would prefer to not discuss on this thread.

    Don't get me wrong, GAI is respected and I have spent a lot of time talking with Danny Fisher, Steve Rocchi, Mike Baker and Justin Priddy. I appreciate what they do for the hobby and I think they do a great job. That being said however, prices realized on GAI cards are below those prices realized for similar graded, presenting cards in SGC and PSA holders. That's just the facts.

    GAI is a top 4 grading company and is leaps and bounds ahead of the likes of PRO, USA, GEM, WGC and the like...I would trust the cards in their holders and I do think, in most cases the cards are graded fairly and comparably to PSA and SGC standards...there are questionables but I can find those in PSA and SGC holders just as easily.

    That being said, have no fear about buying a GAI card. You can feel confident it's not a reprint, trimmed, recolored or restored or even overgraded by a ridiculous margin like the companies mentioned above. They do get less money than their PSA and SGC counterparts but on a crack and resubmit to your preferred company can sometimes garner a nice profit if you have a good eye. I've done it.

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    GAI is the only reputable company that grades NBA "Star" cards from the early 80's. They will grade the unopened star team bags too.

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    envoy- BVG is definitely the best vintage grading, it is the toughest and sells the more than a psa.
    For example my 1958 topps clemente, psa 4 sold for like 55 and bvg 4 sold for 90, it may not always be that case but most ppeople know bvg is the toughest grader

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    Well, that one example must be representative of all instances. I hate to break it to you, but now that BVG has removed the subgrades from their holders, the speculators won't even buy them on the off chance they can crack and resubmit. I can give you a dozen reasons why one card could sell for a $35 difference. Not to mention a vintage HOF'er in low grade. A VG-Ex 4 is hardly a good representation. I can show you examples of the same card in any grade, from the same company selling for a significant difference. The #1 reason is centering.

    Here is a better example for you, how about a PSA 5 (off centered horribly) and very possibly a PSA 7(OC). That is, it had great gloss and color, and NM corners, however the centering was atrocious. A PSA 4, not a 5, a 4...sold for over $200 MORE than the 5 and it had softer corners. Centering is by far the single most important characteristic in realized prices on vintage cards.

    If you follow or collect vintage, you'll realize very quickly that BVG is not even in the same league as a PSA or SGC counterpart. Certainlyl, some bvg cards that present as well (that is centering etc, all other things being equal) on occassion, a BVG card will sell for the same as it's PSA or SGC card. The big difference is that in a BVG example, you are not going to EVER get the bidding wars for a card like you will with the big-time, die-hard, very deep-pocket PSA or SGC(pre-war) collectors.

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    beckett is the harder grader so when you do find a good grade on bvg it is very rare

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