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Thread: Anyone have Dustin Tokarski

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    Anyone have Dustin Tokarski

    Looking for some autos or nice patches. Let me know what you have.

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    I have :

    SPX Rookie
    Limited rc
    08-09 BTP game used number silver (1 color - white)

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    I have a limited phenom rookie
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    My main focus is anything pre 88-89 hockey and i collect 2 players from P.E.I., Brad Richards and Brandon Gormley

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    I have:

    Limited Phenoms /299
    Limited Phenoms Silver /30

    and I think I also have his YG.
    Looking for: Jean-Gabriel Pageau (Main PC), Erik Karlsson (Secondary PC)
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    I have three nice Tokarski rookies:

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    Garry: I know you gentlemen have been through a lot, but when you find the time, I'd rather not spend the rest of this winter TIED TO THIS F*CKING COUCH!

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    No thanks on the rookies.
    PM sent to Smeagol.
    TTT. Thanks to all who replied.

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    Have this one.
    2010-11 SP Game Used Rookie Exclusives Autographed RE-DT Dustin Tokarski 023/100
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    Most wanted players and sets
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