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Thread: Couple Higher Enders...

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    Couple Higher Enders...

    Looking for high end Raiders in return - prefer McFadden ... collect Criner and Taiwan Jones as well, or high end Winnipeg Jets stuff...

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    Got a McFadden auto in my bucket. Interested in the Griffin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gcox View Post
    /99 would this be of any interest?
    I've got that Taiwan Jones already, thanks for the look.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dtrain1234 View Post
    Got a McFadden auto in my bucket. Interested in the Griffin.
    Will pass on that McFadden, thanks for the look!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 32magicman View Post
    Got these two for starters. Interested in the RGIII.

    Really like the Biletnikoff, but don't know value is there for the trade, same thing with the McFadden...SV on McFadden platinum stuff is pretty low.

    I am also in Canada, not sure if that matters ...

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    You have any interest in this? It's 1/1 Prizm Black...literally pulled this a.m.

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    Nice pull, like the card, don't think I like it enough for the RG3, assuming that is what you are after?

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    please check my list thanks...have a nice mcfadden know i will have to add for rg3 lmk thanks

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