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    Looking for any and all Raphael diaz cards

    So I just recently started a pc of diaz and i currently only have his young guns canvas and his titanium new wave auto. I do not have a tradelit but ill list you some cards of around equal value of the offer :).

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    If you can buy... I have this beauty for 30$ dlvd Paypal. LMK...

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    If you post up a tradelist you may get more attention.

    It takes some work but I think it's worth it.


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    I have the prime quad jersey auto rc

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    Have these but Max is right...a tradelist will help greatly...

    11/12 Rookie Anthology Rookie Rivalry #35 Erik Condra (red) Raphael Diaz (red)
    11/12 Elite New Breed Materials Prime #33 Raphael Diaz (white/bue) 22/25
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    Ill try to make a trade list by Monday and then ill post it up and get back to you guys

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    Do you have a trade list ? I Have his RC and Dominion RC.

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