Ive got a large lot of Football Rookie Cards-And there all from only this years 2005 Crop-Theres many top named players in here-And im sorry-But they must all go at once-Heres a numberd list of all the cards your going to be getting-And what i want-Is the best offer i can get with some 2005 Playoff Contenders Rookie Tickets or in baseball-ide take vintage star cards-or of there game used or autoed-and the same goes for todays star players----

2005 Topps Chrome Rookie Cards

2005 Topps Rookie Cards

2005 Bowmans Best Rookies
#56-61-66-68-78-81-81 #096/499-82-83 #0206/1399-84-87-88-91-92-98-100-100 #492/799

2005 Finest Rookie Cards

2005 Bowman Chrome Rookies

2005 Topps Heritage Rookie Cards
#56-57-58-59-59SP-60-64-65-66-66 SP-70-73-73-75-76SP-242-245-249-255-267-267-268-268-269-273-275-281-281-284-293-295-298SP-300-300-342-344-345-348-348-349-352-355-356-358-364SP-

LAST CALL for these-Next there going to one of the other trade clubs im in

In all for total book value-Theres about $400 worth of just rookie cards