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    I just had literally the worst experience with any sports card dealer (on the net or other)...I'll try to shorten up the story as much as possible, but no promises

    Purchased an '05 Bowman Chrome FB and '05 Leaf R&S Longevity FB Box on 2/21, paid immediately via Paypal. Waited over a week with no update, so I called their "customer service" number long distance on my dime. I was going out of town for the particular weekend so I wanted to make sure that I didn't receive it then so it wouldn't be hanging on my mailbox all weekend long until Tuesday when I returned.

    I was told that wouldn't be a problem, because the Longevity box was on back order anyway, and it wouldn't be there until Friday to ship out, so it wouldn't get here until following Tuesday or after. Besides, I was told, I will have to sign for it anyways for it to be delivered.

    Get back from my trip, wait another week and still nothing. Call back and I am told they still haven't gotten the Longevity boxes, but they should get them Friday and they would go out then. Fast forward to yet another phone call last week Monday the 13th. I was told that they shipped out Friday the 10th.

    I get an email on the 14th, that says my order has been fulfilled and was shipped out on the 14th. I call them AGAIN to see what is going on and what to believe. I get confirmed that they did go out and shipped the 14th. While on that telephone call, I start complaining about the service. I get stopped mid-stream and the lady tells me to email to "customer service", that there is no phone number to call and that complaining to her won't do me any good b/c she can't do anything but take phone orders and update people on shipping dates. I email my complaint, it comes back the next day (doesn't exist according to my email)...UGH

    Get my boxes on Saturday - almost 1 full month after order (keep in mind, I bought off of a "specials" email so I was assuming everything was in stock)...I open my chrome box. Leaf R&S Longevity is next and I rip the plastic off, open the first pack and is Leaf Rookies and Stars, NOT Longevity. Having waited almost a month, gone back and forth, I just decide screw it, I am opening this damn box and will see if I can get $5 or $10 back on Monday for the difference.

    I call the phone number this morning and ask for customer service, the lady says "this is customer service"...I start telling her about the mishap with the boxes. She says "Longevity and Leaf R*S is basically the same thing". You can imagine how I felt about that. After going back and forth, me telling her that I was not happy with this experience and waiting so long to ultimately get the wrong thing was ridiculous, etc. She kept cutting me off, I wasn't swearing at her or anything, just trying to tell her what happened and that there was no way the two were the same, and if they were, why do they make them both, etc...she literally started "going off" on me, like I did something wrong. Then she proceeds to tell me why I waited so long was because the Bowman CHROME were on back order. I told her that they need to get their story straight, b/c that's not what I was told on 2 other occasions. She kept saying over and over Chrome was on back order, blah blah. So, I said, you know what, I'll just eat it and never order from you guys again (this was my 3rd order from them-no problems before) and I hung up on her.

    She freakin calls me back, I answer it and immediately hang up....she calls back AGAIN. I answer it and say "hello", she starts going off on me, "is that how you treat " click, I hang up again. That is the end of it.

    I can't believe this place. I have been a good customer, tried to be understanding about waiting almost a month for something that had been advertised as in stock and that was the result I got. The wrong product and possibly the worst customer service "manager" in the history of retail.

    Anyways, my 2 cents and then some. I would recommend everyone stay away from these guys, the same thing could happen to you.

    BTW - nothing great in either box

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    That sux all the way around sorry to hear about that. I will not purchase from them.

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    Thats horrible. Theres definitely a very large difference in Rookies and Stars and Longevity. That being Longevity is in my opinion a much better, and better pull set. I would call back again, and ask to speak to her manager. That way, maybe youll get some freebies.

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    vikingfan...I did try the, "Can I speak with the Manager" she immediately responded back with "I am the manager!"...needless to say, they must not pay their people much to deliver a customer friendly attitude.

    She actually emailed me after I posted this and said "I guess I won't be able to help you out, since you keep hanging up on me. Thanks, SCW"

    Like she was being a real big help before that! LOL

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    Make her feel horrible. Say it was for your sons birthday or something, and that he really wanted that certain box, yada yada. You dont have alot of money, and it was hard enough to get that. Something along those lines. She what she does then.

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    I would say screw it and simply don`t buy there anymore. You probably would`ve gotten nothing great in the other box either. You live and learn a little on the way in life. I will learn from your mistake and most likely NOT purchase anything from them either, unless they have a deal that can`t be passed up. Even still, if it`s too good to be true, then it probably is.

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    I actually bookmarked em cause I was gonna try em out, just deleted that bookmark, what really gets me is the nerve she had to actually keep calling you back and going off on you, in my mind that is simply sad on her part.

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    that really sucks

    i tried to go to their website but i cant stand the yellow. thank god

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    Find our old thread on this very subject, including my long ordeal, which sounds quite similar to Brent's.

    Given the frequency with which I'm hearing these stories about that company, I don't think it's incompetence. I think it's criminal. My credit card company refunded my purchase price and is going after them (well, for at least a refund).

    Get the word out on every sports card forum you know about -- never, EVER, buy from Texas-based Sports Card Wholesale.

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    bump of importance........................................ ................ppl NEED to c that not everyy place is as good as scf

    lets boycot them by putting something like this in our sigs

    its crude, but effective

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