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Thread: Wanting All 86/87 Fleer

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    Wanting All 86/87 Fleer will trade in your favor. RC's, Gu, and Autos

    Yeah I've made it my mission to get the whole set. My wife told me its impossible. We made a deal that if got them all besides the MJ one that she would buy me the MJ for my Christmas/Valentines/Birthday/Anniversary/Easter gift. All your help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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  2. Kronozio
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    LOL....sorry, but I have all mine PC-ed as a set that will never be completed :(

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    I have #11 and 89. I'll trade if you have something I need or could sell. Let me know. Thanks

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    i dont know if I have any thing you need or not. Could you take a look?

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    I just checked but I couldn't find anything from the guys I collect.

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    I got a bunch upstairs. What would you trade for them? I'm looking for GU and rookies. lmk

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    I would trade a bunch of 05-06 and 04-05 rcs. also I have abunch before 00. LMK

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