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    First Class International Mail Way Up In Price?

    I have sent out a few cards recently to trusted buyers in Canada and Australia. The card to Canada weighing 2 ounces cost me $6.55.That used to cost maybe $3.75 last year. Just this morning I sent out a graded card weighing 4 ounces to Australia and it was just under $9. That maybe would have cost around $6 before. Did the USPS raise their prices that much???
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    Yep, prices went up drastically last week. I'm pretty much no longer going to be able to sell hockey cards on Ebay because of this.
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    It makes trading on here even more difficult... I only really collect/trade/sell hockey... So the majority of the deals I do are either to Europe or Canada...Its painful to think a government run service may actually be the demise of my collecting and hobby.

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