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    Disgusting Alabama teacher gets a light sentence for his Racist and Homophobic speech

    ^lol, he was suspended without pay for 10 days!

    WOW....this guy openly shows that he is a RACIST and HATES "queers" and the board gives him a slap on the wrist (Big shock that this is coming from Alabama, right!)

    Probably the best part of the video, was that lady who supports him....."He's a good christian man"....*Facepalm*

    Also, how can anyone that isn't a racist and homophobe support him?

    He said very harmful things....this man should NOT be an educator!
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    This is not the first time things like this have happened.And it is not only in Alabama it is all over.This one happened to be caught and spread quickly
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    the gorilla racist crap is stupid. the use of the word queer shows what type of person he is, and the fact he was talking to our youth is what really makes it bad.
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    This will go viral if it already hasn't. He will lose his job, and rightly so.

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    He has no business in the classroom. I would support him being fired for his comments.
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