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Thread: WTTF Zack Kassian

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    WTTF Zack Kassian

    Hey, ever since I stopped collecting Markstrom, I've been lookking for a player to PC. It had to be someone who's play grabbed me, someone who maybe played in a region close to me so I could watch more than two games a year, and someone who was relatively new and somewhat obscure so I could start a nice collection now before their cards went high in price. All those criteria led me to one player:

    Zack Kassian

    So, I'm looking for his cards. I'm mainly looking for rookie cards and nice ITG cards right now, but please, if you have ANYTHING I might like, check my tradelist and let me know!


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    I have this card, not this exact one, but you get the idea...

    Do you still have the Luke Schenn Pride of a Nation?

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