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    Lightbulb Please Rate My Deron Williams Collection

    Please rate my Deron Williams Collection. I also have a lot more incoming, including a 1/1. Anyway, let me know what you think so far.

    Deron Williams Collection

  2. Kronozio
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    I don't know why GrandKenyon06 would give it a 1....

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    Im sorry guys I had to. Your cards are great like a 9 or 10 I just cannot stand Deron Williams i just had to put that there. Deron Williams himself is nothing but a worthless punk.

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    GrandKenyon06: Well, I don't know why you would rate my collection a 1 just because you don't like the player.... If someone had 20 Shaq 1/1s, or 20 Greg Ostertag 1/1s, I would still rate both as good collections. Even then, if your going off of book value, my Derons still book pretty good...anyway...

    To everyone else: Thanks for the opinions. I have a lot more coming in. I'll update this Saturday and see how much I've improved. What do you all think is my main lack?

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    Does it really matter? I also think its kind of dumb for people to make threads like this. You know what you want the answer to be. And then to make it a public poll like whats the point? What I said before is true but in general these kinds of rate my collection things are stupid.

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    I think one of his point was to see what others thought he needed to add to it. Also I like to look at other peoples collections, I go though others photobucets all the time,

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